Nicholson's Meat Company
207 S. Broadway
Mertzon, TX 76941

Online Store

To our website customers- sadly, we’ve had to close down our online store for now. As everyone knows, the meat issue has hit-high prices and lack of supply. We refuse to drastically raise our prices, so we decided to shut down the shopping cart. All of our other information is still available on our site. We have very little jerky in stock, so we’re selling it in-store only. Our retail meats area will be challenging and we’ll see what we can have available. We are booking heavily for custom processing, so we are here and busy. Halves and hind/fore quarters are available to order as we use a local source for these. Please call us at the above phone number, email, or message us on Facebook. Hopefully, we will return to some semblance of normal in the near future.

Thanks!- Lee and Danita Walston